Tarpaflex Tarpaulins, Great for Protecting Exposed Objects

Whether you are looking for heavy duty tarpaulins, flame retardant tarpaulins or tarpaulin accessories, Tarpaflex UK is dedicated to providing high quality tarps for the protection of exposed objects or areas, in both commercial and residential use.

Tarpaflex tarpaulins are used for a multitude of tasks. Above and beyond being strong, flexible, water resistant and waterproof, Tarpaflex tarps are manufactured from the highest quality materials. Tarpaflex provide all tarps with a UV inhibitor, prolonging the life of a tarpaulin even during extensive exposure to sun.

Tarpaflex UK offer a wide variety of tarpaulins to be used in many different areas. They provide economy tarpaulins, which are manufactured from tough low density polyethylene and then laminated on both sides with high density polyethylene. This makes them strong, tear resistant and waterproof. These tarps are widely used in construction, agriculture, camping, boating, industry, landscaping and much more.

Are you looking to provide proper protection to furniture in a room or building, or products stored in a warehouse? Tarpaflex also offer dust sheets, the ideal solution for such protection. They are manufactured using quality cotton and are offered in various sizes.

Tarpaflex tarpaulins are perfect for use as a canopy at ceremonies, trade fairs and exhibitions. The majority of Tarpaflex tarpaulins are made from synthetic materials like polyethylene or PVC, and need no additional treatment to make them waterproof. These tarpaulins can be used for protecting buildings where maintenance is required, in industry, mills, and construction sites, chemical storage locations, and to offer protection to open warehouses. Tarpaflex tarps hold up under most weather conditions to suit most applications.

About Tarpaflex Ltd

Tarpaflex Ltd is one of the UK's leading suppliers of tarpaulins and coverings. Delivering all over the United Kingdom and Europe, Tarpaflex has one of the most comprehensive ranges of tarpaulins available on the market. From flame retardant tarpaulins to dust sheets, camouflage tarpaulins to debris netting, whatever your tarpaulin need, Tarpaflex Ltd has it covered.

Tarpaflex is a family run business, based in Devon with over twenty years experience within the business. Over the years they have become one of the most highly respected and established tarpaulin suppliers in both the UK and North America.