Stats Show More People Are Camping Than Ever Before

With the country gripped amidst the worst recession since the 1930's and airfares constantly on the rise, it's not surprising that people are choosing to holiday at home. The package holiday is fast becoming a thing of the past, as worried consumers save their cash, and opt to go on camping holidays instead.

In the past, people often thought of camping as an uncomfortable way to spend their precious time off. It was also commonly perceived that camping was mainly for the adventurous, or for children attending cub or brownie camps.

However, since the rise in popularity of trendy music festivals such as Glastonbury, V Festival, Reading and the Isle of Wight, camping has become fashionable again. The increase in people choosing to camp has also been helped by the more affordable prices of camping equipment, such as canvas tarpaulins and heavy duty tarpaulins, which are needed to keep tents clean and dry.

This is in addition to the growing popularity of a new trend called 'Glamping', an abbreviated version of glamorous camping. This is where people can stay in the great outdoors, under the stars, in a wooden teepee or hut. This type of accommodation comes with amenities such as running water and wood burning ovens, and has converted the middle classes into opting for 'glamping' holidays at home, rather than luxury trips abroad.

The latest figures from the Office of National Statistics have shown that 5.43 million camping trips were made last year, which is an increase of 29% on the year before.

While a weekend of glamorous camping can work out at around £500 per family, other people have found out that a camping trip away can work out very cheaply. Twenty years ago, the price of a high quality tent retailed at around £50, which was the cost of a hotel room in the nineties. Tents are now sold at around just £20 on the high street, whereas today a room at a bed and breakfast for just one night is usually a minimum of £50.

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