Keep Cool this Summer - Create a Tarpaulin Swimming Pool!

Homemade swimming pools, using hay bales and a tarpaulin, are the latest craze for revellers looking to keep cool this Summer. With the recent good weather, we've taken lots of calls from customers looking to create their own garden pool!

Our Super White range has been one of the most popular for this application; its a heavy duty range at 200gsm with a 14x14 weave count, and the bright, light colour makes for a more appealing appearance once the pool is filled. There is also a 3% UV inhibitor in the lamination, which means that the tarpaulin won't degrade prematurely through sunlight.

We had a go at creating a temporary swimming pool in the orchard here at Tarpaflex HQ. Here's how:

i) Create the basic shape of your pool using hay bales, stacked alongside and atop each other to create the 4 sides of the pool (illustrated below with choc lab Chilli). We recommend creating your pool on flat, level ground, clear of sharp objects like sticks and stones.

ii) Once the basic pool structure has been created, use your tarpaulin as a liner, to clad the interior. Ensure the tarpaulin is laid flat to the ground and against the walls of the pool, as once you start filling, there will be a lot of weight on the sheet.
iii) Begin filling; this may take some time, depending on how large you have opted to make your pool.

iv) Once full - jump in and enjoy!

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