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Natural Hessian Jute Roll

Our eco-friendly 100% natural hessian rolls come in a standard 6oz specification and a heavyweight 9oz option. We offer three roll sizes in a standard 6oz spec; 137cm x 25m, 137cm x 46m and 91cm x 100m; and our 9oz hessian rolls are 137cm x 46m. Also known as jute, and sometimes burlap. Tarpaflex hessian rolls are organic, and fully recyclable and biodegradable.

Ideal for frost protection in winter, hessian can be used to protect mortar and brickwork during cold spells. Its also popular for use with lime mortar, where protection against the elements is necessary to allow carbonation to take place. In the summer hessian can be wetted, to stop concrete or cement from drying too quickly.

A year-round aid for gardeners, hessian offers excellent insulation for plants and shrubs over winter, protecting them from harmful effects of frost. In spring, hessian retains moisture and encourages seeds to start growing. During summer hessian provides an excellent barrier against harmful UV.

Hessian can also be used for erosion control, as well as for arts and crafts applications, at Christmas, weddings, fayres and more.

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    Two specs available - 6oz and heavyweight 9oz
    Environmentally-friendly organic material, 100% recyclable and biodegradable
    Popular in the building trade, to protect mortar
    Popular in craft applications, and for decorative uses
    Popular for year-round use in the garden, to protect plants
    Can be used for erosion control
    Size : 137cm x 25m, 137cm x 46m or 91cm x 100m roll (6oz) / 137cm x 46m (9oz)


Tarpaulin Shop | Accessories |  Natural Hessian Jute Roll