Heavyweight White 200gsm Tarpaulin Used To Create Boat Shelter

Tarpaflex tarpaulins can be used in a huge variety of applications, from temporarily covering building materials, to collecting garden waste, to sheeting over roofing jobs. Covering boats is also a very popular use, where the tarpaulin offers a cost-effective means of protection in comparison to a custom-manufactured bespoke cover.

The heavyweight Super White range is often used as a boat cover. At 200gsm, the user can be confident in the durability of these sheets, but they are still easy to handle and secure, with eyelets every 50cm in rope reinforced hems.

One customer recently purchased two such tarpaulins to cover a shelter he had erected for boat refurbishment. Using scaffold and poly rope with inner timber supports, Mr McLeman then purchased an 11m x 16m cover for use over the main part of the shelter, and a 7m x 9m sheet to use over the side work area.

The reclined mast of the boat doubles effectively as a ridge beam. Across this, polypropylene rope is used to create rafters running down to timbers laid as wall plates. This structure offers helpful support to the large expanse and weight of tarpaulin, should bad weather hit.

With this clever construction Mr McLeman has created a sheltered platform from which to work on his boat in all weather conditions.

Images kindly provided by Mr Robert McLeman.

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