Fix Your Tarp Securely this Springtime with Fresh Stocks of Bungees and Shock Cords

With elasticated fixings being the product of choice for securing your tarpaulin, Tarpaflex have today taken in a 20-ft container load of ball bungees and shock cord ties. These flexible fittings are an efficient, reliable and reusable means of fixing, and are extremely popular for use in applications such as market stalls, trailer covers and scaffolding systems to name but a few. Available in multiple pack denominations, there is sure to be an option to meet with your requirements.

What's more, the already notable range of Tarpaflex accessories on offer has been extended even further, with the introduction of 50m reels of shock cord.

Tarpaflex 100m shock cord reels have sold impressively since their launch in December 2011, and the 50m reels look set to follow in the same path. By offering the new 50m lengths, customers will still have the option to cut and tailor the shock cord to their own requirements, but without having to purchase a full 100m reel. These handy new reels continue to be available in diameters of 4mm, 6mm, 8mm and 10mm and come in various colour options to suit.

Tarpaflex can also provide handy hook or toggle fixings designed for use with the 6mm diameter shock cords. These products offer a bespoke means of securing your tarpaulin with a flexible, elasticated product. Shock cord provides a quicker and easier way to secure and unfasten your tarpaulin, and in absorbing any sudden shock upon the tarp, it is much kinder on eyelets than a rigid product like poly rope.

When securing your tarpaulin it is advisable to use all available fixing points, and if necessary, create additional ones. Extra eyelets can be inserted without difficulty with the aid of the Brass Eyelet Kit or polycarbonate Snap 'n' Tap eyelets. These easy-to-use accessories offer a cost-effective and straightforward aid to enhancing the performance and prolonging the lifespan of your cover.

About Tarpaflex Ltd

Tarpaflex Ltd is one of the UK's leading suppliers of tarpaulins and coverings. Delivering all over the United Kingdom and Europe, Tarpaflex has one of the most comprehensive ranges of tarpaulins available on the market. From flame retardant tarpaulins to dust sheets, camouflage tarpaulins to debris netting, whatever your tarpaulin need, Tarpaflex Ltd has it covered.

Tarpaflex is a family run business, based in Devon with over twenty years experience within the business. Over the years they have become one of the most highly respected and established tarpaulin suppliers in both the UK and North America.