Cleaning up the Gulf of Mexico with Tarpaflex UK

As the tragic oil spill continues to endanger the environment surrounding the Gulf of Mexico, every nation is pulling together to save as much wildlife and plant life as possible. Bob Page, managing director of the UK's leading tarpaulin distributor has kindly donated free tarpaulin supplies to charities and workers in need of safe coverings during the big clean up.

Distributing from Tarpaflex UK's sister supplier Tarpaflex US in Naples, Florida, a wide range of types and sizes of tarpaulins have been given to those in desperate need of supplies. Bob and the team have also donated hundreds of dollars to various charities in order to assist cleaning up the spill. "With over 1,000 wildlife animals and birds confirmed dead recently, we need to keep up the hard work, and Tarpaflex is here to ensure that we can help in every way possible" says Bob.

The heavy duty tarpaulins donated by Tarpaflex will not just help recover damaged and dead wildlife, those who fish and make a living on the Gulf of Mexico will benefit from the safety covers and protection for the boats and water-vehicles on which the local people rely for their income. The domino effect of such a disaster is catastrophic, and Tarpaflex, in association with numbers Wildlife charities including Defenders of Wildlife will continue to gather numbers and raise money to give everyone a fighting chance at surviving the oil spill.

"With a selection of rot-proof and water-proof tarpaulins donated from Tarpaflex, those who are hands on in helping clean up the spill can be sure that they are in safe, durable hands whilst carrying out their mission".
To view the wildlife cause, please visit, and for more information on the tarpaulins available from Tarpaflex UK please visit

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