An Interesting Use for Canvas Tarpaulins

We never fail to be amazed by some of the weird and wonderful uses our tarpaulins are put to. As we don't always learn the reasons for which a customer purchases, it is interesting to receive feedback on how a tarpaulin performs in different applications.

This week we heard from one customer Shirleyann Graham, who had purchased a 17oz Ripstop Canvas 6ft x 6ft tarpaulin. The application this particular tarpaulin was intended for was to act as a breathable pouch to cover a nasty injury to her horse's hoof. Her horse is a thoroughbred ex-racehorse and, in Shirley's words, 'quite highly strung' so does not take well to being stood in a stable.

Shirley has kindly emailed through images of the product in use. She has cleverly customised the tarpaulin and stitched it into a boot/pouch to offer protection to the horse's hoof.
As the Ripstop is chemically treated it is much lighter than traditionally wax-processed canvas. The Ripstop tarpaulins are easy to handle while still being a durable, heavyweight product, and so sufficient protection is given to allow the horse to continue to exercise without risking further injury to the cut.

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