7 Indispensable Little-Known Uses for Tarpaulin This Summer

Do you and your family enjoy the prospect of adventurous days out over the summer holiday period? Or are you a young adult looking to embark on a festival weekend away with your mates? With sunshine and the great outdoors, there are no limits to the fun that can be had with the help of the humble tarpaulin - seriously.


On an all-day hike with a picnic planned towards the top of the mountain? Nobody wants soggy sandwiches and, with the ever-changeable British weather, there's a chance that the heavens will open as you're about to tuck into the celebratory Pimms. Here's where the handy tarpaulin comes in: time to fashion a shelter! Check out our Red Heavy Duty range for eye-catching tarps, also ideal for finding your pitch at festivals.

Hay Bale Swimming Pool

This one is a real winner - using hay bales to construct the walls, create your own tarp swimming pool! We found that the Heavy Duty White range works as a fantastic pool liner. Click here for more details.

Nobody wants creepy crawlies all over them as they're trying to relax in the sunshine. Laying out a piece of tarpaulin in a size large enough to fit everyone in your party will create a safe space for you - and your picnic nibbles to boot.

Easy to shake off and fold away in a compact fashion, a tarp will be a great addition to your picnic day out.

Makeshift Tent

There's nothing more freeing than camping out underneath the stars in the wilderness, and a sheet of tarpaulin is the easiest way to start. As a notably lightweight material, it can be easily transported - rolled or folded up into a rucksack is the best way to go.

Check out our Camouflage tarpaulins for a lightweight, easy-to-carry option that willl also ook the part.

Tent Protection

If you've already got a tent with you, a tarpaulin can provide great protection for its fabric - alleviating any worries of tearing from stones or twigs nearby - which is a must when tents for larger families can prove costly. Tarps are also really handy as a groundsheet, and often much cheaper than those sold by tent manufacturers.

Wind Shield

If the campsite or your picnic area is proving a tad windy and the crisp packets are on the run, you can tie your tarpaulin to nearby trees to create a windbreak. This is great as it stops you from having to lug around the large wooden windbreaks now synonymous with British beach days. Make sure you use all available eyelets to avoid excessive strain on pressure points.

Slip 'n' Slide

If the kids are getting a bit fed up in the midday heat, you can throw some water on a tarpaulin and create an instant slip 'n' slide water slide for them - providing hours of fun on a slope. Due to the nature of tarps, the material will dry off in the sun after a quick shake and be ready for storing in no time. For an extreme slip 'n' slide tarp, try our Polyethylene Roll - offering 100m of slide! Key essentials to help with your slip 'n' slide are some washing-up liquid for extra 'slipperiness', and pegs to hold your tarpaulin in place. Make sure that any pegs are hammered right down into the ground - you don't want any protruding ends as these will hurt!


At Tarpaflex, we stock a huge variety of tarpaulins for all uses - meaning you can pick up a tarp that's perfectly suited to the requirements of yourself and your family. Got some queries? Contact us today and a friendly advisor will be on hand to help.

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