Tarpaflex Warranty

All of our products are guaranteed brand new and free from defect at first use.

We do not guarantee a lifespan to our products, although a limited UV warranty is offered on some of our heavy duty tarpaulin options as follows:

250gsm Green/Brown tarpaulins - 1 year UV warranty
270gsm Black/Silver tarpaulins - 18 month UV warranty
350gsm Blue/Beige tarpaulins - 2 year UV warranty
560gsm PVC tarpaulins - 2 year UV warranty

A 1 year UV warranty is also offered on our full range of Debris Netting.

This limited UV warranty guarantees that the product will not fail as a result of UV within the specified timeframe from date of invoice. The warranty excludes discolouration and UV degradation, some degradation may occur but if a tarpaulin is no longer waterproof this is deemed failure. The warranty not cover wear and tear or damage caused by weather conditions. The warranty is subject to use in UK conditions only.

If a product should fail as a result of UV within the specified timeframe, our sole remedy will be to replace that product. In the event of the original product being unavailable, a suitable alternative will be offered.

All products independently tested, Jan 2016.

Please note Tarpaflex shall have no obligation whatsoever to repair, replace , adjust or otherwise compensate the purchaser if their product sustains damage and malfunctions as a result of misuse, abuse, negligence, accident , a lack of proper maintenance, impact by foreign objects, storms, floods, pollutants, chemical, acts of God and any other causes outside Tarpaflex's control. If a product is faulty then we will replace said product or offer a suitable replacement. For any queries please contact our sales office