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Ball Bungees are a popular fixing method which will assist in keeping your tarpaulin in a fixed position, while remaining flexible. Simply feed the elasticated loop through an eyelet so that the ball fits snugly against the eyelet; then use the loop to attach to a fixed point.

Polypropylene Shock Cord Reels are available in multiple colours, lengths and diameters. Supple and easy to use, the shape of the Shock Cord offers excellent resistance to abrasion, providing a flexible yet durable fixing for your tarpaulin. The central core of the cord is composed of a solid natural rubber with UV protection, while the outer braiding is a high tenacity polypropylene, again with added UV protection.

Our Autolocking Toggle is a reusable 2-part swivel fixing, deisgned for use with 6mm shock cord. Please note: this fixing will only fit through our larger 20mm eyelets, such as those found on the 270gsm Black/Silver and 560gsm PVC ranges.

The Black Autlocking Hook is a 2-part accessory which can be attached to the end of our 6 and 8mm shock cord to create a handy hook fixing.

The Large Easyfix Hook is a single piece accessory, complete with collar and brace to stop the bungee. This can be used with our 8mm and 10mm bungee.

Elasticated Shock Cord Ties are most commonly used for fixing scaffold sheeting, but they can also be used to tie tarpaulins down. The total length of each shock cord is approximately 30cm, with a stretch of approximately 40cm.

Hooked Shock Cord Ties are a handy elasticated fixing option, whereby the tie can be directly hooked onto an eyelet on your tarpaulin. These hook-ties are also popular for use on luggage racks, to tie down surf boards, canoes and baggage. They are UV and abrasion-resistant, colour-fast, and fitted with plastic coated movable (unfixed) metal hooks at either end.

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