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Polypropylene Sandbags

Our polypropylene Sandbags are traditionally used to assist in the prevention of flooding. With more instances of flooding across the UK, sandbags have become a key product for homes and businesses in case the worst should happen. They can be used alongside a tarpaulin, to waterproof and seal sandbag barriers.

Sandbags can also be used to weight items down, including tarpaulins and road signs. Tarpaflex Sandbags are 76cm x 33cm, and are white in colour with a tie for sealing.

Each sandbag is supplies empty, complete with attached string to seal the open end once the bag has been filled. It is recommended not to overfill sandbags; to fill to two-thirds is considered sufficient in order to mould the bag to a doorway or stack atop other sandbags. Tarpaflex Sandbags will comfortably hold 15kg.

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Polypropylene Sandbags - Pack of 10

Price: 3.59 ex VAT (4.31 inc VAT )

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