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Tarpaflex Debris Netting is made from UV stabilised polythylene monofilaments which creates an open mesh netting. Primarily used on scaffolding systems to keep any rubbish or debris contained on a building site, it is also widely used as crop netting, and as perimeter fencing at paintball sites.

Shade Sail Nets are great for transforming outdoor spaces, and are a trendy alternative to garden parasols and umbrellas. Made from UV-treated open-weave polyethylene, which blocks 85-95% of harmful UV rays. Suspend as a canopy in your garden during a party or BBQ.

Not just suitable for domestic use, Shade Sails also offer a practical, versatile solution to shade provision in locations such as schools and childcare organisations, as well as bars and eateries. Offer shade in the garden and playground, while screening 85-95% of UV rays.

These hardware kits are available should you need to add fixing points from which to suspend your Shade Sail Net. Made from stainless steel.

Tarpaulin Shop   Netting