Polypropylene Rope Information

Polypropylene Rope Information

Polypropylene rope, more commonly known as poly rope, is a general purpose 'all rounder'. Made from 3-strand polypropylene film, Tarpaflex poly rope is available in a 4mm diameter up to a 16mm diameter. A tough and hardy rope which has many uses in agriculture, marine and industry, as well as in domestic applications, poly rope can also be used in aiding the fixing and tying down of our tarpaulins.

Poly rope is flexible and relatively lightweight, making it easy to handle. Furthermore it floats, is rotproof, and even shrinkproof.

Poly Rope

Tarpaflex poly rope is available in large coils of 220m, or mini 30m coils. We also stock a popular 27m hank of 10mm lorry rope, complete with noose at one end, and a 550m reel of 6mm diameter rope, sold on a plastic drum.

Please note: as poly rope is a general, all-purpose rope, it does not have any guarantee to its breaking strain. However, advised breaking strains are:

4mm - 280kgs
6mm - 530kgs
8mm - 885kgs
10mm - 1340 kgs
12mm - 1900kgs
14mm - 2800kgs

For a full listing of all the poly ropes we stock, please refer to our Online Brochure