Tarpaflex UK discusses; Which Tarp?

The never-ending uses of tarps can be somewhat daunting to those who have specific needs but aren’t too sure of which tarpaulin to purchase. Luckily the Tarpaflex UK selection comes with recommendations on how to maximise your tarpaulin’s use.

If you’re in need of a temporary cover or lightweight protection the economy tarpaulin is ideal. Waterproof and UV protected as standard, the compact tarpaulin comes in nineteen different sizes from the Tarpaflex UK catalogue.

The opposite end of the weight scales plays host to the heavy-duty tarpaulins, which are perfect for construction, roof coverings, boat or car coverings and comes in five sizes. The heavy-duty tarpaulins are the toughest tarpaulins around, with a waxy waterproof covering and UV protected for those brighter days, nothing will protect better.

If you’re the outdoors type, Tarpaflex can supply you with the highest quality camouflage tarpaulins for camping, hunting and fishing. "Blend in and stay protected, it can be beneficial to your safety as well as your stealth" explains Bob Page, director for the Devon based company, camo tarpaulins can also be used in paintball- great for getting the upper hand on your paint pellet toting opponents! Planning on camping but don’t need the extra stealth coverage? Tarpaflex also stock a heavy weight canvas tarpaulin, wax covered and waterproof, this tarpaulin can be used as an awning for caravans and a perfect ground sheet for tents.

Staying at home this summer? Your green finger will be looking for one of the best clear tarpaulins on the market. Gardeners can watch flowers and vegetables grow whilst staying bug-free and safe from the ever temperamental British summer. To view the entire range of tarpaulins and their uses, please visit www.tarpaflex.co.uk, where you can also order a full colour brochure.

About Tarpaflex Ltd

Tarpaflex Ltd is one of the UK's leading suppliers of tarpaulins and coverings. Delivering all over the United Kingdom and Europe, Tarpaflex has one of the most comprehensive ranges of tarpaulins available on the market. From flame retardant tarpaulins to dust sheets, camouflage tarpaulins to debris netting, whatever your tarpaulin need, Tarpaflex Ltd has it covered.

Tarpaflex is a family run business, based in Devon with over twenty years experience within the business. Over the years they have become one of the most highly respected and established tarpaulin suppliers in both the UK and North America.