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The 7.5ft x 12ft Small Storage Shelter is an ideal size for discreet storage of garden machinery, outdoor equipment, logs, and vehicles as a movable carport. The fully-fitted one-piece polyethylene cover is sturdy and waterproof, with a silver outer and white inner to enhance light internally. Try as an instant garage, or portable workshop.

The 10' x 20' Storage Shelter is a mid-sized white shelter with a peaked roof. The side and back panels incorporate a total of seven PVC windows for maximum light penetration, with the option of roll-down flaps should privacy or shading be required. Both ends of the shelter are fully detachable to allow easy through-access, making this a great shelter in which to house your vehicle. Also suitable for boat storage, as a party canopy or even a portable garage.

The 10' x 20' Dome Roof Storage Shelter is a mid-sized grey portable shelter, with white interior to maximise light and internal visibility. The domed shape of this shelter makes for effective drainage so rain/debris will not pool on top. This waterproof shelter can be used to house vehicles as a portable carport, to store boats, for safekeeping of garden machinery and furniture, or even as a temporary workshop!!

The 12' x 20' Storage Shelter is a large Tan shelter with peaked roof. PVC windows are incorporated into the side panels to allow maximum light penetration. This shelter is constructed from a heavy duty powder-coated steel frame, and a reinforced UV resistant polyethylene cover. With white internal walls, the large 12' x 20' shelter will ensure maximum light reflection for a brighter and cooler inside space.

The heavy duty 10' x 10' Pop Up Canopy is available in white. Easily erected in just 10 minutes, this canopy is perfect for parties, picnics, market stalls and many more outdoor applications. An easy way to create 100 square feet of shade and shelter!

Tarpaulin Shop |  Shelters