100% Natural Hessian Rolls Now Back In Stock at Tarpaflex

Hessian, also known as jute, is traditionally associated with the building and construction trade, where it's used for protection of mortar and brickwork. In the winter, hessian protects from the elements to allow carbonation to happen, and in the summer a length of dampened hessian will prevent cement from drying too quickly.

An equally popular use for hessian however, is in horticulture. A year-round handy bit of kit for gardeners, hessian offers excellent insulation for plants and shrubs during the winter as it protects them from frost. As a biodegradable material, hessian can be used to wrap and shield tender plants or trees from cold weather. In the spring, hessian holds moisture and encourages seeds to start growing, while also protecting against the occasional cold snap. During the summer months, hessian provides an excellent barrier against harmful UV and can be wetted to help keep parched plants hydrated.

Hessian also works well as a windbreak or barrier fence, attached to canes or poles. Its rustic appearance blends in well in natural surroundings, and as Tarpaflex hessian is sold on a roll (1.37m x 46m), it makes for easy hanging.

Tarpaflex hessian is a 100% natural and fully biodegradable product. This means that the user can be confident in this strong and durable material as an effective and environmentally-friendly alternative to products like plastic tunnels or cloches.


And if you're getting green-fingered in the garden this weekend, don't forget to check out our Tonne Bags! Available in two sizes, both fully certified to a single-use 5:1 safety rating, these bags are ideal for collecting and containing leaves or grass-clippings.

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