Tarpaflex Dust Sheets

We supply an extensive range of dust sheets to suit different requirements and budgets. Commonly used to protect furniture and floors when decorating, dust sheets are also used to cover items in storage, along with a host of other applications. All of our cotton dust sheets come in a cream / off white colour; for a pure white colour, please see the stitch bonded dust sheets.

Our dust sheets are sourced from a producer whose cotton is certified to OEKO-Tex confidence in textiles standards. The cotton is also produced with the environment and social responsibility in mind.

Our range of products ensures that no matter what your needs, we will always have the right Dust Sheet for you. Whether you're a first time DIY-er or a professional, we've got you covered.

Cotton Twill

The cotton twill dust sheet is our standard grade sheet, with a traditional woven construction. Widely used for covering furniture and floors, this range comes in three popular sizes - 9ft x 12ft; 12ft x 12ft; and a handy stairway 3ft x 24ft. All sizes are washable and re-usable.

Bolton Twill

The Bolton twill is a heavier grade high density dust sheet, made from a thicker thread than the standard twill; the bolton twill range is available in 9ft x 12ft, as well as a handy 3ft x 6ft sheet. The mini Bolton twill dust sheet is ideal for use as a car seat protector, picnic blanket or boot liner.

Cotton Calico

A tighter weave and softer fabric mean that the cotton calico dust sheets have more dust-trapping potential than their twill counterparts. Fully washable and available in 9ft x 12ft.

Heavy Duty Cotton Canvas

Our cotton canvas dust sheet is made with an extremely tight weave, and thus is the professional's choice for a prolonged working life. With high absorption properties, this premium grade dust sheet is for the serious painter and decorator, and is washable and re-usable.

Laminated Twill

The same as our cotton twill dust sheet, this version has a plastic membrane laminated to the underside of the sheet. This layer stops any potential liquid spills or partiuclarly heavy dust from penetrating through the sheet, therefore giving the user peace of mind that any spills will be contained.

Stitch Bonded

Our stitch bonded dust sheets are lightweight, made from a synthetic fabric, and a good all-rounder for all decorating and DIY applications.